Portofino 3pc. Pestemal Set

Portofino 3pc. Pestemal Set


Save with our sets! The 3 piece  Portofino set has three different pestemals: Sunset in Portofino, Dawn in Portofino, and A day in Portofino. Your will find those pestemals exceptionally soft due to the 10% bamboo - 90% cotton mix. 

All of our original Pestemal towels are hand-loomed exclusively in Turkey. Lightweight, incredibly soft, and absorbent, they make perfect bath towels or beach blankets, are ideal for travel lovers, and can even be used as a fashion accessory.

10% bamboo - 90% cotton mix. natural cotton. Pestemal Towels naturally become even softer with each use and wash.

Dimensions: 39" x 66

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